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What Employees Love about Working at Vobev

May 24, 2024

SALT LAKE CITY -- We have employees working in many different positions here at Vobev, and they all carry out a variety of job functions. We went out to our manufacturing floor to ask them what they love most about working in their departments and to share some of the biggest perks and benefits of their jobs.

Rebecca Hererra, a Machine Operator on the co-packing side, says she enjoys the camaraderie on her team.

“We all work together really well to assure everything is running smoothly. We’re all fairly new, and when one of us is having an issue troubleshooting, we all come together and help each other continue the flow,” Hererra said.

Michael Boyd, a Machine Operator on the co-packing side, says he’s been able to learn a lot about what goes into making drinks while he’s been with the company.

Boyd says his team members work really well together on the co-packing side and said they assist each other whenever there’s issues on the line.

“No man is left behind,” Boyd says. “We all help each other when we’re down on one side or the other. ”

Kyran Merkely, who works in packaging, says he enjoys the perks and benefits of working at the company.

“The money is pretty good, the benefits are alright, and the people are really cool here,” Merkely said. “And we get free drinks! It’s cool to see how they make drinks and the machines that make them.”

Christian Hererra, a forklift driver at Vobev, talked about his supportive team members, and talked about the flexible hours and the positive work environment.

“They keep you busy,” Hererra said. “And the hours are really good. There’s a lot of very good opportunities to grow at the company. [The team] is very friendly, they help out a lot, they communicate. We talk to each other a lot. The supervisors are really nice. They’re great people. We all get along really well.”

Jeff Hutchinson, a Manufacturing Engineer at Vobev, talked about some of the challenges he’s faced while he’s been on the job.

“It’s been a lot of fun because my previous experience was more in the sales side of things, and being on the production side, there’s a lot of learning,” Hutchinson said.

Phillip Sullivan, a cycle counter at Vobev, talked about how he likes producing drinks he knows people will be able to enjoy.

“I like working in a manufacturing environment, knowing we’re producing products that will be consumed by the general public,” he said. “And I like the way the various teams all kind of interact and work together to make that happen.”

Sullivan said he also likes the flexible hours and the ability he has to take time off.

“I really like the fact that, if I can take an hour, I’m able to do that, and if I need a day, that’s available too,” he said. “And if I don’t need it, it’s rolled over.”

Kylah Ohlson, who works in inventory control, shared the motto she created for herself while she’s been with the company.

“You can do it! One can at a time,” Ohlson joked, sharing her motto with us.

Ohlson said she and her teammates work well together on the inventory side and said they share a great bond with each other.

“The dynamic we have - we’re really close. We’re a small team. We go to lunch together,” she said. “Everybody is just so kind.”

Senetanari Maae, who works in shipping, talked about how he didn’t realize how intricate the process is for creating drinks until he started working at the company.

“I thought making a can was just one simple process, but there’s so many complicated, moving parts to it,” Maae said. “From making the can to printing it and even the process inside of it.”.

Maae talked about the many opportunities he has to advance at the company.

“More people should work here because it’s an awesome place for you to grow and move up and learn different skills,” Maae said.