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Orange can being held up against a background with a lake and mountains.


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Beverage manufacturing often takes a toll on the envirOnment. We want to change that.

From our location to the ingredients and materials we use, sustainability is embedded into every aspect of our business.

Infinitely recyclable

Our process uses aluminum cans – one of the most recycled and most recyclable materials in the market today.

Pallets of crushed cans.

Dedication to a closed loop

Within the Vobev manufacturing process, we've implemented a scrap collection system in which 100% of our aluminum scrap is collected, bailed, and shipped to the aluminum supplier where it's prepped and rolled into a new aluminum coil.

Lower costs, lower emissions

Our one-stop-shop model brings can manufacturing, filling, and shipping together in one location. That means you no longer have to ship product all over the country for every single step in the process. While you’re spending less time with freight and supply chain management, you’ll also be making a positive impact on the environment.

A small healthy plant being held in a person's hand.

Orange beverage cans

Flexible orders

With flexible order sizes, you only order the inventory you need. We also use recycled materials to minimize environmental impact. As a Vobev partner, you won’t have to waste inventory or store excess product that never makes it to the store shelf.

All in one place

At Vobev, cans are manufactured just a short walk away from where they’re wrapped, filled, and shipped. We don’t need to get shipping companies and third parties involved to get your product in the customer’s hands. That’s a win for the planet, your time, and your budget.