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Hundreds of silver cans on can manufacturing line.

Can Manufacturing

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Whatever cans you need, we can make them.

We manufacture all our cans on-site on the same 1.5 million square foot state-of-the-art campus that houses our filling line. That means you can worry less about your supply chain and focus on creating great products.

Can Types and Sizes

Vobev has a can to fit your brand and product. All Vobev cans and ends have a BPANI coating.

Vobev 7.5 oz SLK can

7.5oz SLK

222 mL

Vobev 8.4 oz Slim can

8.4oz Slim 

250 mL

Vobev 12oz SLK can

12oz SLK

355 mL

Vobev 12oz can

12oz Standard

355 mL

Vobev 16oz can

16oz Standard

473 mL

Why use aluminum cans?

crushed can

Aluminum is the most recycled product in the U.S. and is friendlier to the planet than other beverage containers.

Child holding three crushed cans to recycle

On average, an aluminum can contains 73% recycled content, that’s nearly 20 times more than plastic bottles.

aluminum drink can with no label

They provide a brilliant 360-degree billboard to promote your product!

Hip young man drinking from can

Easy to stack, lightweight, and shatterproof.

Cans on ice

Protects the flavor and freshness of your product.

Beverage being poured from a can into a glass