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Pallet of empty silver aluminum beverage cans

Warehousing & Logistics

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Exterior view of Vobev manufacturing facility with pins indicating the different sections of the building.

Let us handle manufacturing and warehousing so you can focus on your product.

Managing supply chains for a beverage brand can be a daunting, expensive challenge. We want to help make it easier. That’s why, in addition to canning and filling services, we offer our partners a turnkey warehousing and logistics solution.

What does that mean for you?

Save money and time

Keep shipping costs and management overhead down with one partner for all your beverage manufacturing needs.

Reliable can supply

We source and manage our own inventory of raw materials for our two high-speed canning lines for quicker and more reliable order fulfillment.

Simple inventory management

Whatever we produce is stored in our on-site warehouse facility ready for shipping, offering partners full visibility into their inventory.

Streamlined production process

Get your product on shelves faster by removing weeks with simplified production from our full-service facility in Salt Lake City.

Confidence in Quality

Our all-in-one approach alleviates multiple touch points for your product, never leaving our food-grade, fully secured facility until you’re ready to ship.

Customized Packing Solutions

Set your brand apart on shelf with Vobev’s highly-automated, minimal waste packaging lines. From loose trays to variety pack cartons, we have a solution for you.