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Cans going through the assembly line in batches.  All the cans have labels, indicating they are moving fast.

Variety Packing

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Happy woman with long brown hair is holding three beverage cans.

Attract new customers, maximize shelf space, and encourage new flavor trial

Consumers love variety packs because they’re a great value and accommodate a range of tastes and preferences. Our customers love them because they can test new flavors and boost their bottom line all in one efficient pack.

Customization Made Simple

Why ship cans across the country for repacking when we can walk them across the plant floor? Our high-speed, fully-automated variety packaging line is a few quick steps away from our filling lines minimizing the excessive costs and time associated with the outsourcing typical of co-packing.

Three aluminum cans grouped together with the words "Wasatch Sparkling Water" on them.

crushed can

High-speed and Fully Automated

Cans on ice.

Flexible pack count configurations

Small sampling cups filled with different colored beverages

Up to 6 Unique Flavors in a pack

crushed can

Zero Packaging Waste